• Gorgeous Nappies for your little one

  • Cloth nappies that fit perfectly and don't cost the earth!

Gorgeous Nappies for your little one

Cloth nappies that fit perfectly and don't cost the earth!

Affordable amazing quality nappies

Australian Designed & Owned Cloth Nappies

Real Customer Reviews

These nappies are absolutely incredible!! The come with a microfibre insert and for a little extra you can get the bamboo booster. My heavy wetter 11 month old EASILY gets 4 hours with this combo 💕😍

I love the front elastics for the perfect fit 👌 I love the wide pocket to easily stuff the nappy 💜 They are a really trim nappy too 🍓 I love how affordable these nappies are !! You can get a 6 pack for the cost of 2 nappies with other brands 💰 the designs are just to die for!! 🌈

The best thing of all they are such an amazing fit for different sizes, these are incredible for my heavy wetting chunky monkey 🐵 💕!! Best of all no leaks and easy to fit!! Yay!!

Amy H

These nappies are fantastic... they fit my very slender 17mo very well, the front elastic makes them fit so well. They last well over 3 hours with both inserts and they are bomb proof! There are so many gorgeous prints and they are a very reasonable price for the quality.

Katie M

I took a chance and bought these nappies based on one glowing review, and the fact that on paper they seemed to tick all the boxes - and I’m so glad I did. They are so affordable but are such good quality. The PUL is nice and stretchy and the inner lining is so soft. The pocket is so easy to stuff which is a huge plus. And I absolutely love the tummy elastic, it makes for such a better fit. My little boy is *extremely* heavy and chunky for his age, but he fits these nappies really well. I don’t really need more nappies but I think there’s a good chance I’ll be buying more of these...

Steph M

We were lucky to test Berry Bottoms and absolutely loveeeee them!
Without a doubt for the cost and the gorgeous prints Berry Bottoms are my new favs!
They fit so nicely and have plenty of room still to move yet so trim! 💕

Definitely worth checking them out and bulking up your stash with some of the beautiful prints 💕💜🍓

Via Instagram @xmans_big_adventures

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