Are Berry Bottoms a rebranded China Cheapie?

We didn't really want to write this post, but sadly, due to our competitive price point we are constantly being torn down and labelled as something we are not. 

We are not a rebranded China Cheapie Nappy.

Is our nappy affordable? Yes.

Has it been designed to be a low cost alternative? Yes.

Have we compromised on quality or effectiveness? No. 

Our nappy has been designed FROM SCRATCH. We took lots of different nappies we had used and mashed them together to create what we believe to be a fabulous fitting and absorbent nappy. Many different samples were produced and tried on a range of babies of different sizes. Every aspect has been tweaked from the length and tightness of elastic to the placement of the snaps. We never used any ALVA or Babyland etc nappies in our design process. 

Comparisons floating around go something like this: 'They are like 'insert cheap nappy here' but trimmer, with tummy elastic and....". In our honest opinion, you could pick up 95% of nappies on the market and make this statement to compare the nappy to something else. And why not? They are after all, variations of the same basic design. 

Look around and you will also find very happy customers who have found them to be fantastic. Many customers are coming back for second and third purchases!!! 

So where did our nappy design come from and why is the nappy cheaper than competitors if it's not just a 'China cheapie'?

1. Pocket
We love the pocket. It's easy to assemble. Inserts generally stay flat. You don't need extra layers of stay dry fabric (extra bulk and cost). Inserts don't need snaps (which create an extra exposure to warranty claims for broken clips). 

2. Tummy Elastic
We love that this gives more flexibility and forgiveness in fit. No tummy gap.

3. Licensed Prints
We don't pay artists for custom artwork. We source available licensed artwork which is a lot cheaper and that cost is spread over a large number of nappies.

4. We only make Nappies
Discussions with our factory told us that constantly making the same items is more cost effective for the factory. They don't need to stop and change to make different items. Our order is very straight forward and easy to manage. This lowers the costs for them (and us as we can pack orders more effectively). 

5. No Wholesale
This is something not many people consider. While many brands and advocates will tell you it's impossible to make a nappy and sell it at our price, have you considered what rate wholesale items are sold? Retailer margins are generally 40-50%. Putting that into perspective, a $35 nappy would wholesale for around $17.50. We don't wholesale but rather pass on the savings directly to customers. 

6. Nappies packing in to Sets
Our nappies come packaged direct from the factory in predetermined sets. This cuts down on errors in packing, and packing time. We have streamlined our processes to cut those costs. 

7. A clever Insert Combo
Microfibre gets a bad reputation. Its actually a really helpful tool in nappies as its fast absorbing. When you pair it with bamboo it soaks up fast and then transfers to the bamboo layers as back up. Under compression, the extra fluid will travel into the absorbent bamboo as the back up. 

 8. Experienced manufacturer who understands the quality need in the Aussie market
Our factory is in China and we have worked with the owner to develop our business model. They make for (and have made for) many large Aussie brands in the past so they understand the quality requirements of the market. Our hope is our brand can supply a better quality product then other cheap alternatives giving parents on a budget beautiful quality nappies. 

It's the small details that show the quality. Reinforced tabs and the pocket is lined. 

These are not the same thing: