Washing & Care

Nappies should be free of stains and smells as this indicates a problem with their care.  

  1. Wash nappies thoroughly with a good quality detergent using the full recommended dose. We recommend a rinse cycle plus a main wash (a proper wash not an eco or shortened power wash). 
  2. Ensure nappies are washed on no hotter than 60 degrees.
  3. Nappies should be air dried. Use of the drier will also void warranty for elastics and PUL. Inserts may go in dryer however please note it can cause additional shrinkage to bamboo boosters. 

First Use
Nappies must be washed prior to the first use. This is to ensure the dressing from manufacture are removed from the nappies allowing them to be absorbent. Nappies will increase absorbency over time (maximum absorbency reached within 6-8 washes for our bamboo inserts).

Additional Washing notes:

Nappies must be washed within 48 hours of use. Leaving nappies wet for days between prewashing and washing will void your warranty. It is also conducive to mould and smells.

Any use of bleach on nappies voids their warranty. We recommend removing stains with a stain removing soap for example sunlight or SARD.

Do not hang nappies in the sun for long periods as it may deteriorate their components.

Do not use soap nuts, soap flakes or eco detergents. These are insufficient to properly clean your nappies. They may also damage your nappies.