Which Insert?

We get a lot of questions regarding which inserts to choose so here is the deal on what each can offer.

None of our inserts contain a stay dry layer so the weights are fully absorbent. 

Weighing in at 95g with 450GSM bamboo fleece. This is the most absorbent insert. 
Can be folded to make it shorter or longer by rotating the insert prior to folding. 

Bamboo Booster
Weighing in at 55g with 450GSM bamboo fleece (70/30 bamboo/cotton blend). This is a great booster or can be used on its own. Combine with  the trifold for super absorbency - both inserts will fit in our nappy. You could also add two of these rectangles giving you greater absorbency then the trifold on its own (110g vs the 95g of the trifold.

Weighing in at 40g it is 100% polyester and made up of 3 layers of microfibre. Use this insert in combination with the other inserts to help prevent leaks from flooding. It can be used on its own with a very small baby, but we recommend combining with a bamboo insert or booster once your baby is larger.


The weight of each insert is given dry. Each bamboo insert can hold roughly double its own weight in liquid. These weights are given as a good comparison of each inserts absorbency. Clearly the trifold is just over 1.5 times more absorbent then the rectangle on its own. Hopefully this information helps you assess which insert is best and what to use for your own needs.